Packing and unpacking bags, hopping on and off planes, exploring new environments, getting a taste of exotic cultures — that's what life was like for us close friends back in the day when we worked for airlines.

During those travels, the Far East struck a chord within us the most. Our passion for food — developed over years of entertaining and cooking for family and friends at home — burned even brighter in Asia. We sampled and savoured local cuisines and even visited the kitchens of local restaurants to speak to the seasoned chefs.

When we finally settled here in Dubai in 2007, we noted the absence of casual dining establishments, which gave us an exciting idea. Why not open the first casual dining restaurant in New Dubai — a warm and inviting family restaurant where everyone would be welcome, with no rigid policies enforced (such as a formal dress code)?

And so Chimes was born.

Here, diners can come together to enjoy the best Far East Asian fare — authentic Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean street food, with a little bit of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine thrown in as well — cooked to sizzling, mouth-watering perfection in an open-style kitchen. We wanted to bring the lively, buzzing atmosphere of the Far East Asian restaurants here in Dubai.

We source only the freshest, highest-quality authentic ingredients to serve you the best that the Far East has to offer on every plate.
All the favourites are here: Vietnamese Rolls, Thai Crab Cakes, Chicken Satay, Dim Sum like Chicken and Seafood Siewmai, and Tempura Prawns — and those are just for starters.

An absolute must-try is our signature dishes: Singapore Chili Crab and Pepper Crab. We only use live mud crab — no wonder our crab dishes are hands-down the best in town and will undoubtedly be the highlight of your meal.

We also offer a variety of stir-fries, curries, rice and noodle dishes, flavourful and spicy soups, and even authentic sweets like sticky rice and fried banana fritters to cap off your meal.

Our commitment is to meet your satisfaction every time — by serving up truly delicious food at prices that are easy on the pocket — regardless of whether you dine in at our restaurant, order take-away, or choose to have the food delivered straight to your home. We also accommodate special requests for our delivery service, such as leaving out specific ingredients and catering to certain dietary requirements.

Here at Chimes, our goal is to treat all your senses to the vibrant experience of authentic Asian cuisine. Introducing the flavours of the Far East to Dubai, and seeing how much our guests enjoy our carefully prepared dishes, has been bringing the biggest smiles to our faces from the day we opened our doors to you.

Do pay us a visit today and take your taste buds on a journey to the Far East!

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Such great food and service. I am a BIG fan of Chimes
Clare Elise

Our favourite Thai in Dubai! Does the best Thai green curry outside of Thailand. Amazing and the takeaway tastes just as good.
Amy Connolly

The food is sensational, it just really leaves you wanting more! Great service, great food, cozy atmosphere... What more could you want?
Nicole Alam

Great value and great service, and I'm hooked on the Panang Curry
Philip Weidenbrunch