The Finest Crab Restaurant Dubai has to Offer

There is something about taking that first bite of a crab’s meat that is magical. You have the sweet, succulent flesh, combined with all the spices that blend with it to create a dish that you won’t soon forget. But from fresh crab legs to the pepper crab Dubai residents love, where do you go? The answer is Chimes.

Discover Authentic Chili Crab Dubai Based Chimes Offers

Chili crab has increased in popularity since it was first introduced in 1956. This hands on dish delivers a mixture of tomatoes and chili to create a robust and satisfyingly delicious meal that is far from hot. Instead, with a stir fry technique, the dish is easily enjoyed by everyone who experiences it.

Not Every Crab Restaurant Dubai Has is Created Equal

At Chimes, you’ll find that the culinary offerings here are perhaps vastly different from anything else you’ve ever experienced. Instead of frozen or low quality crustaceans, we take the time to ensure our customers have the freshest, best quality catches available. We then blend it perfectly into each of the dishes that we offer, along with our special choice of pepper and spices. That way, you end up with an experience that leaves you satisfied and full.

If you are ready to try the best pepper crab in Dubai, then experience Chimes. At our restaurant, you can dine in and savour this dish or we can prepare it to go for you. No matter where you end up savouring your meal, there is one thing you can count on. This will be one of the best meals you’ll have and there is a very good chance that Chimes will become one of your go to restaurants while you’re here in Dubai.